Treat Your Fitness Like You Treat Your Business

Fitness.  Its not easy to juggle work and fitness is it.  Let me ask you this :

You would never skip a business meeting would you?

You would never turn up late for a business lunch?

You would never “no show” a business appointment?

You would never miss a sales meeting?

You would never set a daily goal and just not do it would you?

If you had a hangover, would you still turn up on Monday morning?

Do you have clearly defined goals and steps to take daily on how to reach those goals?

When it comes to business guys and girls, it’s interesting to watch them struggle with their health goals.  They have the ability to build million dollar companies yet they cant lose weight????

Which one do you think is harder?

Weight loss or making millions?

Uh huh..

They have the commitment  and the dedication in them.  They have proven time and time again they have what it takes to be successful even in the face of adversity.  So you know they possess consistency, dedication, willpower and drive to get fit.

Why Do Some People Struggle

Chances are their health just doesn’t mean as much to them as their business does.  Its simple.  And that’s fine.  That’s understandable.  We all have our preferences.

Another thing is deep down inside you know if you don’t train and don’t make smart decisions with your food you will still live to fight another day.

Do that in your business though, deliberately make poor decisions, fail to hit targets, fail to test and measure…well…chances are you won’t live to fight another day.  You will under perform.  You will be seen as average.  You will cease to compete and you will end up on the scrap heap.

I get it.  That’s oK.

What To Do

The key for you business people when it comes to health and fitness is to simply treat your health like you treat your business. 

  • Schedule your training into your diary like you would any other business meeting. 
  • Don’t cancel that appointment for a reason that wouldn’t be acceptable in business.   Ever had someone miss a meeting because they didn’t feel like it or they would rather watch T.V???
  • Give the appointment the respect you give all your business appointments.
  • Commit to long term results, not short term scams. 
  • Trust the plan and trust the process. 
  • Work with other professionals who have done it before you to hep guide you along the way. 
  • Be held accountable and be honest.  Measure your effort and see what it is yielding.
  • Make the time when time doesn’t seem available.   You do it in your business so do it with your health.  teh skills are exactly the same.

If you’re successful in your business you can easily be successful with your health and fitness goals.  You just need to apply the same level of commitment and consistency to doing the things you know you need to do, when you need to do them, even when you don’t want to.

See how that works?


See you in the gym!

Brad Stocks
Personal Trainer
Bondi Junction