I rarely write about training articles anymore as to be honest, learning the latest advanced strength method from Popavalium Andropoff is not the missing piece of the puzzle for 90% of my clients.

90% of the geral public just needs to do this

Master The Basics

What is abundantly clear is the pain and suffering we all inflict upon ourselves by believing things SHOULD be a certain way.

Are your SHOULDS killing your happiness?

After going through extensive examination of my own belief systems that caused my own unhappiness, its easy to see how this is effecting a lot of other people too.

Do you believe you SHOULD look like you exercise 6 days a week when you don’t

Do you believe you SHOULD be able to lift 100kg in the bench press after only 6 months of training in the gym?

Do you believe you SHOULD be thinner?

Do you believe you SHOULD be bigger?

Do you believe you SHOULD be ripped?


Do you believe the only way men will find you attractive is if you are thinner?

Do you believe women will only find you attractive if you have bigger arms?

Do you believe you can only enjoy a swim at the beach if you are shredded like your favourite instagram star?

Ever heard the phrase – we create our own suffering?

Well that’s what your doing

The reality of this sort of thinking is you probably have an irrational belief system about how you look and how you SHOULD look

Here’s An Example

My knees are fucked. I got Osgood Schlatters disease at the age of 8-10. It is a common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents. It is an inflammation of the area just below the knee where the tendon from the kneecap (patellar tendon) attaches to the shinbone (tibia).

I then skateboarded and snowboarded from the age of 10 – 24. All that compression. All that impact on knees that weren’t structurally the best in the first place led to patella femoral pain at 23 before I even started weight training. I’ve never been able to do the weight training necessary to grow the set of pins I think I SHOULD have as a personal trainer.

Has any one of my clients in 15 years mentioned this to me?

“ Hey Brad – you look like you’re riding round on an ostrich “

Nope – not one.

That was my inner monologue causing my unhappiness at what I think I SHOULD look like.

How Bout You?

What do you currently believe you SHOULD like?

Is it rational? Is it realistic?

SHOULD you look like you exercise 6 days a week when you don’t?

SHOULD you look like you sleep 8-9 hours a night when you don’t

SHOULD you look like your 25 when you’re 40?

SHOULD your 6 pack look like an instagram model that uses drugs, lighting and a powerfully unresolved childhood issue to spruke for external validation through likes?

Probably not hey?

The reality is we all have this tendency to think things SHOULD be a certain way. Only when you examine them, decide if they are actually true, and then re write them can we take the pressure off ourselves and enjoy this health and fitness journey.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be ripped, thinner or bigger.  Just make sure you are doing it because you want to and because you like that look.

Take it from me, I only got into this industry because of how I thought I SHOULD look. And only after 15 years of struggle did I take the pressure off myself to look a certain way. I still do what’s necessary to look the way I want to look, but I keep it rational. I keep it intelligent. And it makes this whole diet and exercise thing sooooo much easier to do.

See you in the gym


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