The Truth

This is something i posted on my personal facebook page ( feel free to connect with me HERE ) about success in business but by replacing a few words in this whole article you can apply this to your fitness (or any) goals.

My middle finger just got a boner…I liked Frank Kern and Gary Vaynerchuk’s facebook pages yesterday. Now my feed is full of sponsored stories by a cascade of copycat bullshit artists. “Easily increase your revenue by 1000% without doing any work” – *faceplam*

I don’t want to be associated with this sort of shit. In order to earn more you need to learn more. Then you need to implement it and work DAMN hard doing it. Possibly for a very long period of time.

Heres 3 things i know about being successful :

1. Successful people are willing to pay the price to be successful. They determine “what is the price I’m going to need to pay to get my goal” THEN THEY START PAYING THAT PRICE. That means doing the hard yards. Working long hours. Not being scared of failure and sticking to the plan night and day

2. Everything is hard before it is easy – Think about it. Jut about everything you now find easy, at one point, you found hard. How did it get easy? Yeah by investing a lot of time and effort

3. No one ever became successful by being a pussy. Get out of your comfort zone. Face your fears. Make a habit of doing what scares you. You only develop courage and confidence by doing what scares you. You can accumulate all the information you want but until you put it into action and commit to doing what you fear, nothing will happen

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