The Most Bang For Your Buck Exercises

Clean & Jerk

There is a constant search within the fitness community to find a way to maximise what little time we have in the gym.

Coaches are always talking about the king of exercises and which one hits the most muscle as possible.

Some say the squat, some say the thruster and some say the snatch grip deadlift. Personally i believe it's the clean and jerk

Witness the clean and jerk in all it's glory below

If you analyse the clean and jerk you will see it is several exercises in one.  More than several.

It comprises a :


High pull

Upright row

Calf raise

Front squat

Push press

and a form of lunge

Just about every single in the body is hit from this exercise.  Quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, upper back,  biceps, triceps, shoulder, forearms and core.

It is single-handedly the greatest full body movement there is.

Is It For You?

Understand it is a extremely technical lift.  You need an incredible amount of mobility and flexibility through the hips and shoulders.  You also need an incredible amount of co-ordination.

When i was first learning the clean and jerk back in 2007, my Olympic weightlifting coach made me use a broom stick for a week.  Then i wasn't allowed off an empty bar until my form dictated.  I practiced the lift minimum 4 times per week and was told to do practice lifts with an empty bar as often as possible.

So find yourself a good coach!

Olympic lifting is one of the funnest things you'll do in the gym.

More Bang For Your Buck Options

I had the pleasure of contributing to the crew at Roar Supplements article on the most bang for your buck exercises. They were looking for advice for when you either really don’t have much time or are seriously struggling to motivate yourself to go to the gym.

15 minutes is just short enough to convince yourself you do have time and/or record that moral victory over your apathetic conscience.

So for more options head over to the full article by clicking the link below

One Size Fits All

Have a great day!