Josh – Lost 10kg in 6 Weeks

The 6 week challenge was amazing experience . I was able to lose 10 kilos in 6 weeks and improve my strength and fitness. Being in my late thirties , it was time to take a honest look at myself. I was developing that middle age bulge and relaxed lazy attitude to my health . I wanted to get some of that strength and fitness back that I had a few years ago. Through Brads very clear program and guidance I am stoked that I achieved this goal .

Actually I feel as strong and fit as I have ever had. Brads knowledge and instruction made going to the gym for the first time a great time . Seeing all that gym equipment was daunting and confusing , but with Brad , he made it very easy to understand the exercises and enjoyable . I found learning about nutrition great and has helped me to continue to make healthy food and life choices.

Overall after six weeks of commitment to the program I feel and look a lot healthier . I am a much happier and confident person. I feel good!! And this is having direct influence in my work and social life. Can’t thank brad stocks enough*