Robyn – Life

I first started training with Brad for strength & conditioning coaching 4 years ago. I came back to him consistently when I developed a shoulder injury outside the gym. I had a few injuries that produced a mental struggle in my physically driven life, but Brad always worked around them and helped educate me on how I could still train, regardless of the barrier.

Brad has always been completely supportive of my personal health, wellness & movement journey. He has been a pillar of strength when I felt hopeless and steered me towards my goals when I was driven. He not only helped me with my shoulder injury, he also helped me with strengthening the mind, learning to accept where I was at and move forward to where I wanted to go. Above all, he helped me understand the importance of doing what you love to support your health goals. He was the only one that questioned my stress in effecting my progress and how it related to injuries, health concerns & lifestyle choices and the only one that gave me a push to get to the core of what was holding me back from moving forward. His guidance gears toward the healthy lifestyle choice as a continual journey made up of many factors and not a quick fix.

Backed up by physics & research, supported with an understanding of the human condition and years of experience in the health industry, personal training & personal development, Brad’s ‘no bullshit’, yet humble approach, is a recommended must if you want to get physically & mentally stronger, leaner, faster and better- no gimmicks, no fads & all in your best interests.

I always got results from Brad, no matter what the goal and he always helped me with what I needed most, even if I didn’t want to admit it was a priority in moving forward. I will always value Brad Stocks’ opinion because of how much he has helped me in the past. His professionalism & honesty has developed my utmost respect towards him and he has helped change my life for the better. #trainer4life