Surviving The Christmas Party

Don’t let your christmas party turn into a calorie disaster!

Avoid a complete calorie overload at most of your Chrissy parties over the next few weeks by following these simple rules –

1) Eat a protein and fat meal before hand to avoid binging on the cheap food on offer.  The protein and fat will fill you up and i’m sure you’ll make up for the lack of carbs in that meal by drinking some carbs 🙂

2) If you are going to eat you don’t have to eat everything offered to you. – still try and make smart choices regarding your food so as not to load up on calorie dense crapola

3) Create a drinks limit – This can be good not only for the calorie consumption but it also limits the possibility of you doing something you regret!

4) Compensate – a big night means you need a light day of eating and extra exercise the next day to compensate.  Energy in – Energy out.  Simple stuff!

So that’s how to survive and keep your figure in tact.  Here’s a few tips to not lose your job!

5) Don’t get pissed!  The last thing you need is everyone talking about you in whispers when you roll in on monday morning! I’ve witnessed people whip their kit off, stand on a chair, and dance arms in the air to dancing queen by ABBA.  Thats some funny stuff!  

6) Don’t bust a move on anyone.  Keep it clean like a washing machine.  Using the christmas party as the ideal time to pounce on the office hottie could be a BIG mistake.  You risk regret, rejection, humiliation, or worse – just ask ex-David Jones CEO Mark McInnes, who made unwanted sexual advances on publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk at an office Christmas party and was slapped with a career-destroying sexual harassment lawsuit.  Dayum!

7) Don’t talk about work ya goose!  Come on, don’t be that punter

See you in the gym


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