Strong & Lean Assessment

If your not assessing – your just guessing!

Every one whether they become a Strong & Lean client or not starts with a comprehensive assessment.  And its totally free!  In this 1 hour assessment you will learn and receive :

Goal Setting – Success happens by design! And goal setting is often one aspect completely ignored by trainers. It’s funny though if you talk to successful people they all set goals and knew exactly where they should be at any given point in their chosen path to success. So should you!


12 Site Body Fat Test – If you want to lose fat we need to know where you are and where you want to be. I use a 12 site test known as a biosignature 12 site fat test.The 12 site BioSignature was founded on and how each site relates to hormones in our bodies. This will give you a insight into your hormone profile and what types of supplements you can take in order to accelrate results and address those problem areas!


Flexibility / Range Of Motion Assessment – Learn whats tight and whats weak so you know what to stretch and what to strengthen.A very simple example is if you have tight calf muscles known as the soleus you may not be able to perform a full squat. Simply mobilising the ankle joint can increase your depth and get you hitting those glutes


Lifestyle Assessment – Are lifestyle choices like lack of sleep inhibiting your goals? Lack of sleep has a big impact on your ability to absorb sugar and is one of the simplest lifestyle changes you can make to accelerate results


Nutritional Assessment – Want to have the shape of a pyramid? Then eat from the traditional food pyramid.Learn what the power foods are needed to accelerate fat loss and discover the truth behind what people eat to be strong and lean


Blood Testing – Take the guessing out of supplementation with tests you can have performed by your GP to determine exactly what may be holding your results back.Have you had your Vitamin D checked lately? This steroid (yes steroid!) hormone plays a massive part in long term health.


Strength Testing – You have to earn the right to move through weight training exercises by passing some basic tests first.
One example is being able to perform prone and side bridges for certain period of time in order to determine wether you have the segmental stability of your spine necessary to perform most abdominal crunches.Learn what real core training is and how it can not only make you look sexy, but take you out of pain too!


Motivation – Lets face it we all need a push from time to time so this is why i’m here.So remember, if your not assessing your just guessing!

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See you in the gym!

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