Semi Private Personal Training

Semi Private Personal Training

Semi private personal training allows you to train with me 3 times per week for the same price as 1 single one on one personal training session which means 3 times the results!

Semi Private Personal Training

All the benefits of one-on-one training, such as a personalised program, personalised nutrition plan, unique stretching and mobility plan, and one-on-one relationship. Plus, there are no gym membership fees, contracts, or fighting for equipment; we're not a big commercial gym, so the environment is more relaxed. You also get to train with other like-minded people, laugh and have a good time while you train. And you join the Strong & Lean Community.

Weights Program Bondi

I know you want to see results fast, that's why I tailor a program that's exactly right for you and your individual bio mechanics, experience and personality. There are no generic group workouts here.

You get your own tailor made weights program geared towards weight loss, fat loss, strength and overall health and fitness. I do this by completing a complementary 1 hour health and fitness assessment before you begin your semi private personal training.  That way I can figure out the best and safest way to train you.

Individualised Nutrition Plan

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This is not a generic one size fits all diet. I have many, many different approaches to nutrition and try to pick the one suited to you best.  After discussing your goals and your preferences I design a nutrition plan that is best suited to you and your lifestyle.  Based on your lean body mass, daily activity, training frequency and personality, no two diets are the same!

Aerobic Training

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I believe that the conditioning that will work best for you is the one you enjoy doing. That's why with my semi private personal training at Bondi Junction in Sydney, you get your own conditioning program that's s[ecific to you and you and what you enjoy. We have a wide range of workout equipment such as ropes, balls, kettlebells, treadmills, cross trainers, and rowing machines all available for you to use.

Regular Assessment

On top of all this I make sure you're assessed regularly to keep you progressing if that is wht you want. I perform a regular 12 site body fat test along with other tests to measure your ongoing progress with fat loss and lean muscle development.

Personal Training That Works

Most people simply need to train regularly, some weekly accountability for their fitness goals, technique correction for their exercises and some fine tuning of their personal life to ensure they have the time and space to commit to their training and nutrition.  Semi private training allows me to do all of this and help more of the people I enjoy spending time with.

All sessions are 1 hour long to allow for proper mobilisation and warm ups. You'll be training with no more than 2 like minded people in a private personal training studio which means you don't get lost in the crowd. Plus you get to make friends and have a laugh whilst doing what you have to do!


With Semi Private Training you get 3 x 1 hour sessions for the price of 1 x one on one personal training session yet all the same programming and supervision.  3 sessions for the price of 1!

  • 3 sessions per week = $120

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