The Secret You Don’t Want To Acknowledge

When it comes to fat loss, this picture is far truer than you can possibly imagine

When it comes to losing weight or even harder, losing bodyfat, the food you eat makes ALL the difference.  Living in the world we do today where simply going to the supermarket is like a game of “find the real food”, that has never been more difficult.

I seem to spend more and more time motivating people around what they eat than how they train.  Training people is the easy part as at the least, I see people 3 times a week.  So now the battle with food is the hard part.  How’d you go with your food? How much of this did you have?  Are you following the suggestions I made? Why not?

“Cause its hard” is usually the answer.  Im not one of these bandwagon hoppers who wants you to lick a dry prune once a month and soak your seeds overnight in the moonlight. Simply eating 5-6 small meals of real food a day is incredibly hard for a lot of people.

Does this sound familiar –

You get up late for work and you’re rushing out the door so you  say to yourself you’ll grab something from the coffee shop on your way to work.  They have healthy stuff don’t they?

“Large flat white (cause you went to bed late) and oh that raising toast smells good.  I’ll just have two slices then eat healthy from mid morning” – you tell yourself as you run for the elevator up to your level at work

Then work begins the moment you walk in the office door.  The place is buzzing – you’ve got messages already, you kinda mad you weren’t here earlier.

Then boom – its 12 o’clock.  You missed that healthy mid morning snack.

Remember that scene in fight club when Ed Norton wakes up on the bed after having experienced “the change over”

“how long was I out for” 

Work happens.

I’ll grab a healthy lunch at 1 you tell yourself.  And you might, but you’re 3 meals behind schedule already.  Its 1 o’clock and you’v had no protein

Its hard i know, I get it..  We’re all so busy now days.  And no one is getting more free time.  Work work work.

I am jacks…complete  lack of surprise.

Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

You know the saying.  If you failed to plan your work presentation and winged it on the spot, you’d likely produce a shit result.  If you fail to plan your nutrition and wing it on the spot – you will produce a shit result.

You cant buy 5-6 healthy meals a day.  1) you’ll go broke and 2) very few food outlets are set up with fresh vegetables, low GI carbs and quality proteins to do this

You’re going to have to cook.  You’re going to have to FIND TIME to cook, Jack.  Smashing  a 30 – 60 minute workout is easy.  Cooking multiple meals is hard.  But it’s the real secret of the successful.

How boring you say.  Correct.  It is boring.  But it’s the truth.  This is the secret.  And there’s no getting around it

I am Jack’s deflated happiness.

When seeking a body composition goal you need to resolve to gain your happiness from other areas of your life apart from food.  Because no offence, if one of the happiest times in your day is when you’re eating, on a scale of 1 to Sam Newman, you’re probably pretty dull.

Healthy eating can be tasty, but you need to learn to cook.  Once you have achieved your goal, rebuilt your metabolism, improved your carbohydrate tolerance, up regulated your digestion, you can enjoy a little of this and a little of that.  But you have to get there first.

You don’t get the heat from the fire before you do the hard work of chopping the wood, and putting it on the flame.

Learn to Cook

Seriously.  Suck it up. Buy some Tupperware.  Grab some cook books, google some recipes, put yourself first, and start doing what you need to do, in order to get what you want, even though you don’t want to.

That’s the secret to any goal.  Come on, i know you can do it.

Because you will be thanking yourself in 12 weeks time when you have done this consistently and have changed shape in the mirror.

I am jacks smirking revenge you’ll say

See you in the gym!