Personal Training Bondi Junction

personal trainer bondi junction

Personal Training Bondi Junction

Brad Stocks has been a one-on-one personal trainer for 20 years. He is best known for his strength training and fat loss programs, and his health and fitness knowledge has made him an industry teacher and mentor to many.  

He has traditionally empowered his clients through health and fitness. He sees personal training as an education and an experience. He is currently in his third-year of a bachelor's degree in counselling and mental health at university, so overcoming the blockages to the results you desire has never been more important in his service.

Strength Training Program Designed For You

Everyone is different, so every individual needs a different strength training program. We all have unique aspects of flexibility, mobility, strength, injury history, and training experience. A good program considers all of these and is designed specifically for you and your desired result.

Online training is included in all one-on-one training for you to continue working towards your goals outside of one-on-one sessions. Use Brad's 20 years of strength training programming knowledge to design the most efficient program to get you stronger, leaner, and moving and thinking better than you thought possible.

Online Training Included

Online personal training
Online Personal training
online personal training

Unique Eating Plan For Your Goals

weightloss plan personal training
weightloss plan personal training
weightloss plan personal training

This is not a generic one-size-fits-all-all diet. There are many different approaches to nutrition, so understanding the fundamental mechanisms by which they work is vital in determining if they are suitable for you, and finding the one you can stick to long term is the key to nutritional programming.

The experience he has amassed with what works and what doesn't over the last 20 years is priceless, so after carefully considering your personality and lifestyle together with Brad, you can devise a plan that works best for you.

Start With A Free Assessment!

Personal training is about relationships and the ability to get results depends on the relationship between the trainer and client. I'm so confident you'll enjoy training and learn more than you have ever before that the first assessment session is on me.  Simply leave your details below and I will call you back.

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1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions

Regular assessments ensure you are constantly progressing.

Brad monitors lean body mass, body fat, strength, steps, sleep, energy, and mood.  All these factors determine your program, your diet and your lifestyle at Strong and Lean.

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