Organic Vegetables – Are They Worth It

To go organic or not? When it comes to vegetables only 7% of Australians eat the suggested 5-6 serves per day. 93% DO NOT EAT ENOUGH VEGETABLES!!

So to be honest, first and foremost any vegetable is a good vegetable!

If however you are going to eat organic just remember you are only doing so from a risk avoidance perspective not any nutritional superiority.

The following systematic review of 162 studies found no evidence of superior nutrient density.


Organic produce does have has fewer herbicides / pesticides and fungicides. It’s TRUE! There are however natural pesticides used in organic farming that vary from country to country and some synthetic pesticides are approved in organic farming too so you still get some.

This is when people suggest you got to farmers markets and speak to the farmer. And that’s great! But it is something you do only after you get to the first stage – that is eating 600-800g of veggies per day. Once you’ve got your veggies up THEN think about going organic.

Why So Many Veggies?

A comprehensive meta-analysis of 142 articles from 95 population studies shows that the risk of dying prematurely from ALL CAUSES was reduced by almost A THIRD, and the risk of cardiovascular disease by ABOUT A QUARTER in people who ate 800 grams of fruit and vegetables– or eight a day — compared to those who ate very little or no fruits and vegetables.…/2017/…/170223114807.htm

So instead of making the vegetable eating even harder by requiring them to be organic, perhaps you’re better off just washing your veggies? The following study suggests a bicarb of soda solution for 12-15 minutes is effective.

Wash Your Vegetables

AND because organic does have pesticides on it to you should do it for them as well.

Please note – once a pesticide has gotten into the flesh of an apple you can’t do anything but rely on your liver to get rid of it.


Only once you are eating 600-800g of vegetables a day should you think about going organic.

See you in the gym!