It’s Ok Not To Care

“The Gap”

There’s often a gap between who people SAY they are and who their actions reveal them to REALLY be.  We like to think we are a little better than we are.  A little more giving, a little more caring, a little more sympathetic.  But if you take the time to look at what people really do compared to what they say they do – there’s this gap.  The greater the gap, the greater the delusion.

Fitness is no exception.  Routinely when scientists study the activity and eating habits of dieters, the dieters on average over estimate how much they exercise by 50% and under estimate how much they eat by up to 50%!

That right there is why most people don’t lose weight and change shape.  They’re living in fantasy land.

Personal Trainers all over my Facebook feed carry on and on about lazy people and people who pay them for their advice yet the client doesn’t listen or can’t stick to the plan.  So do the yoga instructors, the nutritionists, the powerlifters, the bodybuilders and the vegans. Oh the outrage.  How can they be so lazy!

Are all these people really lazy though?

Nah.  It just doesn’t mean that much to them…. RIGHT NOW.   They say it does, but their actions prove it doesn’t.

I Do The Same Thing

I like to surf.  I love surfing.  I love the feeling after going for a surf.  It calms me more than anything.  I want to be the best surfer I can.  I want people to see me surf and go: “That guy rips”.  I currently don’t rip.  I need to surf more.  I need to put the time and effort in.  I need to get up early when my mate rings and get out there.  But I don’t.  I go back to sleep most of the time.  You know why?

It just doesn’t mean that much to me…

Am I bad person?  Am I lazy?  Do I have no willpower?  Are the professional surf coaches looking at me calling me lazy and useless?  “The surf is cranking bro, how can you sleep in??”

Easy. It just doesn’t mean as much to me as I say it does.  I like to think it does.  But if it did, my actions would prove otherwise, wouldn’t they?


Exercise to some clients is like surfing to me.  Just be honest with yourself.  If it doesn’t mean that much to you.  Just say it.  Stop pretending.  Stop telling people what you think they want to hear.  Just say you like cake more than you like losing weight.  Say you like to train but….not that hard and not that often. You would like to get up early, but you prefer to sleep.  Then you can set realistic goals accordingly.

They’re not going to be the most exciting goals but baby steps right.   But that’s ok.  This is where you’re at!

If that last sentence bothers you, then you’ll do something about it won’t you 🙂

You won’t be that person who complains that nothing happens, when nothing you say you do……actually happens.  Will you?

Examine Your Actions

Examine what you say about health and fitness then honestly examine your actions.  Do they match?

If they don’t then either stop telling yourself you’re doing more than you are or start doing more than you are!

Brad Stocks
Personal Training Bondi

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