Motivation Tip

It’s not easy to stay motivated.  Especially if it’s part of your job is to be a professional motivator!  So i thought i’d share with you one of my little motivation tricks i use ALOT especially when the going gets tough

You know that little voice in your head?  Yeah you know the one.  That jibbering little idiot that even when you wake up, just seems to be blabbering on already about some shit and just kinda hangs around all day giving you an EXPERT commentary on everything you do?  Yeah that one.  Its a powerful little voice isnt it.  It can get you to do a lot of stuff.  For guys a good example is “Don’t talk to that girl! What if she shuts you down?  Better stay here where it’s safe” 


for the girls when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the shop reflection “i told you not to eat that chocolate last night look at that stomach”…Yeah we all know the one.  Could best be described as a lunatic some times really eh….

Well i’ve got this theory, seeing as though you respond so well to the sound of your own voice, how bout replace some of that negative chatter with positive chatter in your own voice when you need a good fresh positive vibe to ride on for a while.  How do you do that? Smart phones…

I break out the symbol of the western world, my iphone, and record a video message and listen to that before i start work every day.  Its in your own voice which your so used to hearing but you can really script it to say some kick ass things to yourself.  Think about it.  You can give yourself the type of advice you give your friends and family, give yourself a kick up the pants when your being a little fairy but you can hit play over and over again.  Its this repetition that really starts to hit home and its amazing how quick you can make yourself feel better.  Don’t be shy either this is motivational material.  Think leader of the rebel Scots William Wallace in Braveheart, think Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday.  Really get into and gee yourself up!!!  It’s powerful stuff..

I know it may sound a bit silly at first but give it a go.  It really works!

See you in the gym!

Personal Trainer Bondi Junction