Master The Basics

I’m a personal trainer.  Its my job to understand you and to motivate you the best way I can.  And as understanding, compassionate and empathetic as  i am, some times every now and then people need a good hard kick in the tail.  BANG!!  My size 10’s right in the butt!  This is that kick in the tail.  If you don’t like swearing or you don’t like hearing the truth then don’t read any further!

Do you want result’s?  Have you mastered the basics?  Some people are just weak and want an excuse as to why they are not getting results.  And what i mean by that is they THINK they are training hard or eating well but if you don’t know what a mountain looks like, how can you recognise a valley?  Master the basics.


What are the basics :

1. Exercise Every day

Even the Australian government recommends you do 30 mins of vigorous exercise 6 days a week if not 7 to MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT.  6-7 days a week for 30 mins to maintain your weight.  VIGOROUS!  Guess what you might have to do to lose it?  Maybe 45 or 60?

Doctors are scared of saying this to people because they feel it will discourage them and people will say its too hard.  My response to that is “how much tv do you watch a day?”  Yeah, where is your excuse now?  …….But I’m too tired? Oh boy…… If you don’t know what type of exercise to do then come and ask me.  This is what i do.

2.  Measure your food

Do you know why your cat or your dog isn’t a fat bastard?  Because you give it the same food in the same amount every day and you don’t overfeed it.  Lord have mercy what a revelation!!  “but its too boring”  Seriously once again, what are you 6 years old?

Protein at every meal.

Vegetables at every meal.

Match your carbs to your energy expenditure.  If you’re not planning on driving your car to Queensland every day, why do you keep overfilling the tank?  Get my drift?  If you don’t know what to eat every day then come and ask me.  This is what i do.

3. Go to bed earlier. 

Everyone is tired.  Some people are actually experiencing mild forms of adrenal fatigue or over stimulation but, most people just need to go to bed early and get 8 hours sleep on a regular basis.  And no offense but some people sound like whiny little children.  “I don’t want to go to bed early”  or ” I feel like i don’t have a life if i do”  This is so damn simple.  If you want to have more energy and feel more rested in the morning start by mastering the basics of going to bed early.  When you wake up you’ll have more energy and you might just get to the gym before work to do some cardio.  Go to bed early 5 nights a week like a bloody adult and you might end up getting the body you want.  The gym is pumping full of lean people at 6am while your too busy sleeping cause you were on the internet looking at heavens knows what or watching some ridiculous television program til midnight.  If you have trouble getting to sleep come and ask me.  This is what i do.

4.  If you’re going to do cardio…. do it properly!

You know what slays me?  People who are capable of reading a paper whilst doing cardio.  You know what else slays me?  People doing cardio at such a low intensity I doubt their heart rate goes above 100bpm.  Here is a simple rule of thumb.  65-75% of your max heart rate for 45 mins.  Or intervals at 85-95% max hr for 20 mins or less.  Do this every day in the morning on an empty stomach whilst mastering the basics above and you will lose fat.  It is slow and it takes time.  This type of cardio is also boring and it takes time.  Anything in life that is hard to get takes time.  If you don’t know what sort of cardio to do then come and ask me!  This is what i do.

5. Lift some weights ya softy!

Do you know why you lift weights to lose weight?  To maintain your muscle mass and stop losing muscle from all the cardio you do.  Why do you not want to lose muscle mass?  Because it’s your muscle mass not your total mass, that dictates your metabolism and how many calories you can eat.  Fat requires no nutrients to so why are you eating calories for a 70kg person when you only have 55kg of lean body mass?  When you lose muscle you lower your daily calorie needs and you now have to eat less.

There is a minimum amount of calories your body needs to support processes like digestion, elimination, detoxification, menstruation, reproduction, , nervous system functioning etc etc…Lose too much muscle or (and eat too few calories and your body will start to do the above processes poorly or not at all.  Eg  Women lose their periods when they eat too little cause you know, when you’re starving, the body aint exactly keen on reproducing…its too busy trying to NOT STARVE..  If you don’t know what weights to do then oh you get the picture by now..

6. Stop trying to out party Keith Richards

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Save the money you spend on booze and drugs and you’ll easily have enough spare cash to hire a professional once or twice a week.  Plus!  You’ll get the body you want

Seriously, before you start crapping on about hormones, genetics, food allergies, stress, nutrient deficiencies, paleo, kaleo, greenhouse gas or that you stubbed your toe on a turtle and accidentally ate gluten, master the basics!!

And once again if you need some help mastering the basics then ask me.  This is what I do!

See you in the gym

Brad Stocks