How To lose 8kg in 4 Weeks – A Clients Story

You want to lose 6-8kg in 4 weeks.  You want to get on those scales and see those numbers steadily dropping. You’ll do everything your trainer asks you to do.

Or will you?

Maybe you’ll look at what he asks you to do, and maybe you’ll pick and choose the things you FEEL like doing.

He says exercise INTENSELY making sure you break a sweat, 6 if not 7 times a week for 60 minutes at a time.  You decide to do 3 or 4…but you don’t really break a sweat.  And its more like 45 minutes

He says eat 2g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.  You sort of do 1.

He says limit carbohydrates to 100g of fruit and non starch vegetables for a short period of time before slowly reintroducing smart carbs.  You give yourself a treat every second day for “being good” and hey, surely the odd slice of bread won’t hurt.

Will it?

Maybe You’re Just Not Ready

I haven’t worked out the secret to flicking that switch in clients heads that motivates them to get the results they say they want, but are unable to get on their own.

Some are just not ready and don’t last more than a few weeks….

Some are ‘sort of ready’ and ‘sort of’ get results….

And some are ready and do exactly what you tell them, getting exactly what they ask for.

Let me introduce you to Rob…

Rob came to me with 4-5 weeks to get as fast a result as possible.  I asked him if he was prepared to do everything I asked.  He assured me he was.  Time would tell as it always does.  Often people say they want something and are willing to do it, yet their actions prove otherwise.

I signed Rob up to my Semi Private Coaching option:  5 x 1 hour sessions a week with me for less than some trainers charge for an hour.  He then did 1 long walk on his own on the weekend.​


I admit, I gave Rob a hard diet to follow straight off the bat.  No calorie counting.  No weening off poor foods.  Straight out food measuring and supplementation.  5-6 meals a day.  Only certain foods at certain times.  Not easy for most to follow.  But Rob did it


Rob did 3 x 60 minutes full body weight training programs a week.  They were kind of brutal.  They had extended eccentrics, super-sets, giant sets, pauses and holds.  They made him sweat.  They made him sore.  Not easy for most to follow.  But Rob did it.

He then did 2 high intensity cardio days straight out the gate.  No building up with low intensity cardio over several weeks.  No ramping of volume.  No target heart rate zones.  Just balls to the wall effort.  Not easy for most to follow.  But Rob did it.

I then asked rob to walk as much as possible on the weekend.  The last thing he wanted to do after having my mug thrash him around the gym all week was go walking.  Not easy for most to follow.  But Rob did it.

I told him not to drink alcohol.  Not easy for most to follow.  But Rob did it.

I told him to sleep as much as possible.  Well, this part was easy!

For 4 weeks we went hard like this.

For 4 weeks Rob did everything I asked.  Perfectly.

Rob said he was ready.  Rob proved he was ready.  Rob did everything perfectly.  Rob lost
8 kilograms in 4 weeks.  I love guys like Rob.

Losing weight isn’t difficult – it is just hard to do

Digging a hole big enough to bury the car you drive isn’t difficult.  But it is hard to do.  It takes time.  It takes effort.  Its boring.  It makes you sweat.  Its uncomfortable.

​Losing weight for most people isn’t difficult.  But it is hard to do.  It takes time.  It takes effort

If you want to learn how you can do the same check out personal training options HERE

“I approached Brad after a recommendation. I only had 4 weeks in Sydney to train, so I didn’t have the highest expectations. But wow!! I was blown away with the progress I made in that short time. Now I have much more energy and I’ve made changes that will stick with me. The sessions were always challenging and specific to what I needed. Brad’s no nonsense approach Is what I needed to get my amazing results in such a short period of time but he was always there to answer any questions I had. I’m so glad I made the decision to train with him.”Rob.

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