Incline Treadmill Walking

I’m going to do several blogs on different types of cardio (WHAT!!!) for different situations but today am going to start at an easy option with a twist!

For most people, cardio sucks.  Admit it.  There’s plenty of other things i’d rather be doing with my limited time than cardio but the bottom line is, it works.  It works best when done in conjunction with a good weight training program and smart diet.  It kinda works when done in conjunction with a bad weight training program and a bad diet.  And it rarely works for very long when done in conjunction with nothing else and no diet.  But you need to know when to use different types of cardio.  

So this is a easy option for you to use in the following situations :

1. You weight train intensely 4-9 times per week

Weight training hammers your nervous system when done INTENSELY.  If your not breaking a sweat your doing it wrong!  If your training every day then your sapping your nervous system every day.  Add in all of lifes little stressors and you are not going to handle high intensity training very well.  I can’t emphasise this point enough!

2. You are brand new to cardio

By this i mean you’ve just started back at the gym.  Like 2 weeks ago back.  

3. You are dieting down quite hard in calorie deficit

Being in a calorie deficit means you are relying on your bodies basal metabolic rate and the defecit itself to short change your system of energy and thus burn stored energy.  Being a calorie defecit you will have less energy and less endurance so once again doing long endurance medium to high intensity cardio will mess you up as will high intensity interval training.  

4. You are stressed to the hilt / sleep deprived

These two go hand in hand like lovers on the beach.  Stress will rob you of just about everything.  Libido, mental clarity, strength, happiness, love, you name it.  But in relation to this blog it fatigues the nervous system.  The longer you’ve been stressed the greater the chance your not going to handle harder forms of cardio very well.  This low intensity cardio option will still allow a sweat to build but not at the expense of the nervous system.  It also can create a good buffer between you and whatever bothers you.  Especially good for finishing work.  Doing a walk THEN coming home to your loved ones.  How many times have you come home all pissed off from work and taken it out on those around you only to calm down and apologise later?  Yep.

5. You’ve already done some high intensity cardio a couple of times that week.

This might be just the option to get your training frequency up and hit your training goals.  Its also another 45 mins it keeps you away from the fridge

Incline Treadmill Walking

Yes that right.  Good old treadmill walking.  With a twist.  

I really enjoy treadmill walks for cardio. Often, I feel that I’m too beat up from my 6 weekly weight-training workouts to do any type of intense conditioning like sprints. Plus being a personal trainer in bondi junction fitness first is pretty demanding.  Running your own business, motivating clients, conducting 30+ sessions etc.  This is especially true if I’m in a hefty caloric deficit while dieting down.

Anyway, my standard LISS workout is a 35 to 45-minute brisk walk on the mill o’ tread at 5-6kmp/hr and an incline of 9-12%.  Theres the twist.  Incline of 9-12%.

Whatever you do though, dont put the treadmill up so high you have to hang on to the handrail while doing it.  It completely defeats the purpose of doing this.  Suck it up, admit your not as fit as you think you are and drop the treadmill down a few degrees to a angle you can do.  

Now, one final complaint people often voice about LISS is that in order for it to really have any effect, you have to do it for a while, and that takes up a lot of time.   So if your going to do it, do it for 35-60 mins.  Yes thats right.  Not even the easy options of training can you bludge.

See you in the gym!

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