Collapsing Knees

Time is short today so im going to keep this simple.  

This drives me mad when it is left unchecked.  You see the above alot in the gym when people squat, deadlift, you see it on single leg exercises like lunges (see below) and step ups too.  You also see it alot when running too.  Its common and basically it means you are weak in the following areas :

* Glute Max
* Glute Medius
* Hamstrings
* Possibly Quadratus Lumborum

Its bad because the knee is a hinge joint and does not like to be rotated.  But it also means you cant stabilise your lower body.  Why, if you cant stabilise your knees with bodyweight would you then go and add weight to the equation??  Why if you can’t stabilise your knee would you then go and do THOUSANDS of steps on it while running then wonder why your knees hurt?

In order to fix this you have to focus on VMO strengthening as it influences the knee, and glute strengthening as they influence the femur.  The VMO is below

The Glute Max

Glute Medius

Other muscles listed above do come into play but addressing the VMO, Glute Max and Glute medius often sorts this issue out pretty quick.  

Simple glute max activation drills include :

Supine hip extension 2 legs
Supine hip extension 1 leg
Swissball hip extension
Barbell hip extension

Simple Glute Medius exercises include :

Side lying straight leg raises
X band walks
Ball rolls against the wall

Simple VMO exercises include

Low box step ups
Peterson step up
Reverse sled drag
peterson sled drag
modified extensions

The trick is finding what works best for you!

So next time you squat, deadlift, lunge or step, check out whats happening with your knees.  Your body might be trying to tell you your programming aint all up to scratch.

See you in the gym


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