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28 Oct 2015
You’ve probably seen this one by now all over social media.   You’ve probably seen some reports saying eating meat is as bad as smoking in regards to cancer.  This is just click bait journalism and its border line fraudulent.  So I summarised a bunch of sensible reports out there who
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25 Mar 2013
Everyones looking for a boost to their training.  That slight edge to get a better workout in so they can achieve results quicker.  Well one of the most forgotten supplements is electrolytes! Recently ive been adding electrolytes to my water whilst training and noticed a good improvement in endurance and
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19 Feb 2013
Coconut oil is awesome.  It good for the following : • Improving your heart health.(3) • Boosting your thyroid. (4) • Increasing your metabolism. • Promoting a lean body and weight loss if needed. • Supporting your immune system. (5) • Kills sugar cravings •Makes you feel fuller longer •Great for cooking
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08 Sep 2012
The Goal of the Meat and Nuts breakfast If you train under Strong & Lean you’ll be familiar with the meat and nut breakfast.  So today I thought I’d explain the goal of the meat and nut breakfast a little bit.  The main goal of the meat nut breakfast is
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23 May 2012
When people ask me about the food pyramid i generally say " well if you want to end up looking like a pyramid, then eat like the pyramid!"  But that's not very helpful is it so here is an alternative food pyramid i found to sum things up in pictures.