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13 Nov 2017
Forward Head Posture Headaches and neck pain whilst sitting at a desk is all too common.  Humans just weren't meant to sit for long periods of time. But, this is the world we live in so what can you do that is simple and easy and can help alleviate that
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04 May 2017
  Willpower Its not that you don’t have willpower. Everyone has it. Years and years of research have revealed that it is something we only have a certain amount of and it can be used up pretty quickly. Luckily it can also then be restored. Think of your willpower like
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25 Oct 2012
To stretch or not to stretch?  Ooooh a hot topic amongst strength coaches.  And not one i'm really going to get into today as my opinion on topics such as this that strength coaches like to argue about is dissipating by the day.  But people love to stretch so here's
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25 Jul 2012
Can you breathe properly?  Of course you can!  Maybe... Sounds very simple but often I see clients who for various reasons have reversed breathing patterns.  Here's a simple test. Place one hand on your belly and the opposite hand on your chest.  Take in a full deep breath through your
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20 Jun 2012
How To Do A Chin Up Often a goal of my female clients is to be able to 1 chin up.  Seeing a woman bang out unassisted chin ups in the gym is one of the most impressive sights there is.  Not to mention the empowering effect it has on
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01 Mar 2012
Sitting at a computer all day can make you cranky for more than one reason.  It can lead to a more kyphotic posture and a lot of shoulder injuries / dysfunction get exacerbated by this so here are a few easy tips for releasing your thoracic The thoracic spine has
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30 Jan 2012
Migraines are not fully understood by the medical community but there are 2 distinct causes that can be addressed. 1) Mechanical - Meaning a postural distortion or tightness in certain muscles of the shoulders and neck that pull on fascia, hitting trigger points and sending referred pain to the head.  Below