Bondi Gym

Gym Bondi Junction

Bondi Gym

All our personal training is done indoors at one of the most well equipped personal training studio in Bondi Junction, Sydney.

We operate out of a private gym, chosen by experienced professional personal trainer Bradley Stocks. Bradley has chosen this fitness studio for its equipment, its location, and its environment. Most commercial gyms require their clients to pay a joining fee, casual use fee or lock them in to a long-term membership. When you train with Brad, you don’t pay for the use of the gym, you pay only for the personal trainer.

We use a fully equipped professional training studio with all the equipment you will need to reach whatever fitness goals you have. You’ll have access to heavy dumbbells up to 50kgs, multiple squat racks, leg press and leg curl machines, barbell benches, assisted pull ups and chin ups machines, kettle bells, free motion machines, and cardio equipment such as cross trainers and treadmills.

Some gyms can be intimidating and slightly unwelcoming whereas we aim to build an inclusive community of people who enjoy having a laugh while they train.

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