personal trainer - Sydney  - Should You Take 10000 Steps Per Day
By admin
27 Oct 2020
10000 Steps Per DayWe hear time and time again that we should take 10000 steps per day to be healthy.  Is this true?  Is 10,000 steps per day cardio?  Will it help me lose weight?  Who does 10,000 steps per day?In the below video, I go over exactly what 10,000
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Safely Return To The Gym – Sets, Reps & Tempo
By admin
11 Jun 2020
personal trainer - Sydney  - Best Equipment For Home Workouts
By admin
06 Apr 2020
Best Equipment For Home Workouts​​As gyms all over the world closed, people have scrambled for equipment to help make their home workouts better.  Resistance training requires just that, resistance.  So here are my best tips for buying added equipmentExercise Bands​One of these bands alone can transform your whole workout.  One
personal trainer - Sydney  - Vegan Induced Nutrient Deficiencies
By admin
20 Nov 2019
Vegan Induced Nutrient Deficiencies Health and Fitness veterans have all seen the following scenario play out time and time again. Meat eater goes vegan. After 6-8 weeks claims to feel their best and are performing the same if not better! 6 months in they’re firing on all cylinders. Life is
personal trainer - Sydney  - Why Your Dog Doesn’t Get Fat
By admin
24 Oct 2018
You know why your dog doesn't get fat?   Because you feed it the same amount of food ​twice a day ​and take it for a walk once a day, every day, without fail.  ​You know if you didn't it would become unhealthy. Are we done here?  What do you
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Most Bang For Your Buck Exercises
By admin
30 Jul 2018
​Clean & Jerk​​There is a constant search within the fitness community to find a way to maximise what little time we have in the gym.Coaches are always talking about the king of exercises and which one hits the most muscle as possible.Some say the squat, some say ​the thruster and
personal trainer - Sydney  - Decision Fatigue – Why You Can’t Stick To Your Diet
By admin
13 Jun 2018
Do you crave sugar when you’re overworked and stressed? Have you ever been working hard at your desk, thoroughly engrossed in a complex work task for hours, and just got up and smashed a bunch of sugar? Perhaps on your way home after the mother of all days, you find
personal trainer - Sydney  - Resistant Starch – Why You Need It
By admin
01 Apr 2018
​Resistant Starch ​Resistant starch is going to be a super food soon, if it isn't already.  With the ever expanding insights into long term health coming from the study of the microbiome, more and more we are realising just how important resistant starch is in our diet.  ​What Is Resistant
personal trainer - Sydney  - Should We Eat Breakfast
By admin
23 Mar 2018
​Why Do We Believe Some Foods Are Breakfast Foods​Are we supposed to eat breakfast?  With the rise in popularity and evidence behind fasting I thought i'd look into the history of breakfast and see for myself.​From a young age we have been conditioned by the cereal industry to eat cereal
personal trainer - Sydney  - Flow Hacking
By admin
25 Feb 2018
FLOW - Psychologists have found the people who are the happiest have the most FLOW in their life. What is FLOW? The state of optimal experience in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter. You will have experienced this before. A good example
personal trainer - Sydney  - Why You SHOULD Take A Multivitamin
By admin
23 Nov 2017
Often you hear nutritionists and dieticians proclaim that multivitamins are not necessary if you eat your daily suggested serves of vegetables as you will get all the nutrients you need from real food. Well guess what? 96% of Australians DO NOT eat the recommended 5-6 serves of vegetables per day.
personal trainer - Sydney  - Organic Vegetables – Are They Worth It
By admin
21 Nov 2017
To go organic or not? When it comes to vegetables only 7% of Australians eat the suggested 5-6 serves per day. 93% DO NOT EAT ENOUGH VEGETABLES!! So to be honest, first and foremost any vegetable is a good vegetable! If however you are going to eat organic just remember
personal trainer - Sydney  - Forward Head Posture
By admin
13 Nov 2017
Forward Head Posture Headaches and neck pain whilst sitting at a desk is all too common.  Humans just weren't meant to sit for long periods of time. But, this is the world we live in so what can you do that is simple and easy and can help alleviate that
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Get Fit For Summer
By admin
11 Sep 2017
Summer is coming.  You know it and I know it!  You remember last year when you found yourself in december wishing you had put in more effort around September?  Well here we are again. So what are you going to do about it? The modern day health and fitness plan
personal trainer - Sydney  - Define Low Carbohydrate
By admin
19 Jul 2017
If we are going to get anywhere with these discussions about nutrition and low carbohydrate / high carbohydrate / food pyramid yada yada yada - there needs to be some agreement on what actually constitutes low carb. And I mean in terms of grams per day What is Is low
personal trainer - Sydney  - The NEAT Gratitude Walk
By admin
12 Jul 2017
We are all so time poor these days aren’t we? I don’t have time is one of the most common cries I hear from those looking to lose weight. When designing a nutrition plan for clients, one of the first steps I go through is to see how many calories
personal trainer - Sydney  - Should Your Personal Trainer Be Ripped
By admin
28 Jun 2017
Should Your Personal Trainer Be Ripped? Its an interesting question that gets posed time and time again. The same old analogies come out. Should your financial advisor be rich? Should your psychologist be mentally stable? Should your preacher never sin? Let me throw this one at you then. Should your
personal trainer - Sydney  - Developing Willpower For Fitness
By admin
04 May 2017
  Willpower Its not that you don’t have willpower. Everyone has it. Years and years of research have revealed that it is something we only have a certain amount of and it can be used up pretty quickly. Luckily it can also then be restored. Think of your willpower like
personal trainer - Sydney  - Time To Reset
By admin
27 Apr 2017
It’s easy to slip back into bad habits. Even when we know they don’t contribute to the results we are looking for. Our motivation for fitness ebbs and flows with our willpower.  When you have few stressors we have plenty of willpwoer available for tackling our health and fitness.  When
personal trainer - Sydney  - Do Multi Level Weight Loss Shakes Work?
By admin
28 Nov 2016
I've got news for you. Your products don't work the way you think they work.You know the Facebook message or text when you get it.They all start the same. A random message from a distant friend / colleague about how they've been thinking of you ( how sweet ) and
personal trainer - Sydney  - Consistency
By admin
27 Nov 2016
Strong & Lean Australia trainer Patricia front squatting Ever been driving to work and got a flat tyre?  Did you pull over, swing open the drivers door, head to the boot, retrieve a screw driver from your tool kit and then methodically walk around and slash the crap out of
personal trainer - Sydney  - Regressing and Progressing Exercise
By admin
04 Nov 2016
What You Need To Know About Exercise Selection So you want to bust out a Good Morning for your glutes and hammies like that Columbian Minotaur on instagram?  All you have to do is go grab a bar and bend over right? Well yes...but no. One concept that is poorly
personal trainer - Sydney  - Is Your Personal Trainer De-Training You?
By admin
01 Aug 2016
Do you hit the snooze button multiple times in the morning? Do you start bargaining with yourself when it does go off? "10 more minutes and i'll get breakfast at the shop." "10 more minutes, i don't need a shower" "10 more minutes, i'll just be late" This is one
personal trainer - Sydney  - Calorie Counting : Why Do Smart Trainers Say Dumb Things?
By admin
09 Jul 2016
The other night I was sitting on my couch scrolling through facebook as I tried to convince myself to go to bed.  I had a lot of work to do the next day and facebook had me flicking my thumb over and over, convinced the next big thing was one
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Halve Your Bodyfat With IIFYM
By admin
05 May 2016
If It Fits Your Macros There’s more than a few nutritional approaches out there these days.  Some are good, some are bad and yes, some have no alibi, they ugly!  But that's alright.  How you choose to eat and live your life is up to you. One of the better
personal trainer - Sydney  - Face It – You’re Sedentary
By admin
17 Apr 2016
70% of Australian adults are sedentary.  This hard truth changes how you should eat and train to stay lean. There's no getting around it. I've got clients that when I refer to them as sedentary get a little uncomfortable.  They get a little defensive.  One might even say they get
personal trainer - Sydney  - Time Under Tension
By admin
14 Apr 2016
Time Under Tension Perhaps the most useful application of tempo for the general population is to use it to improve body composition and lose fat. In April 2015, the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism compared the effect of three different lifting tempos on energy expenditure and excess post-exercise oxygen
personal trainer - Sydney  - How Fat Leaves The Body
By admin
31 Mar 2016
**Remember** 80% of fat leaves the body through the lungs when in a fat loss phase. Shedding unwanted fat requires unlocking the atoms in triglyceride molecules by a process known as oxidation. By tracing every atom's pathway out of the body, the team of scientists at the University of New
personal trainer - Sydney  - It’s Ok Not To Care
By admin
17 Mar 2016
"The Gap" There’s often a gap between who people SAY they are and who their actions reveal them to REALLY be.  We like to think we are a little better than we are.  A little more giving, a little more caring, a little more sympathetic.  But if you take the
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Victim
By admin
26 Feb 2016
I love helping clients sift through the murky waters of the health and fitness industry in order to find their personal gold.  I love helping them reach goals and even more, I love seeing the empowerment that comes with losing weight, changing shape and achieving goals they once thought unattainable.
personal trainer - Sydney  - Don’t Ever Tell People You’re On A Diet
By admin
12 Feb 2016
Whenever I put a client on a specific dietary approach I tell them:  "Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone you’re on a diet!"  In order to be qualified to speak on nutrition these days it seems the only prerequisite you need is to have eaten some food at some point
personal trainer - Sydney  - Treat Your Fitness Like You Treat Your Business
By admin
20 Jan 2016
Fitness.  Its not easy to juggle work and fitness is it.  Let me ask you this : You would never skip a business meeting would you? You would never turn up late for a business lunch? You would never “no show” a business appointment? You would never miss a sales
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Think Critically
By admin
13 Dec 2015
Your ability to think critically is the number one skill you will need to develop in order to stop being taken advantage of by people in the fitness / health industry. Simple questions to ask when confronted with an opinion are : Think about who benefits from a statement :
personal trainer - Sydney  - How Not To Put On Weight This Christmas
By admin
03 Dec 2015
Do you put on weight every Christmas?  You don’t have to you know.   This is actually the perfect opportunity to get fitter. How you say? Nutritionist Susie Burrell always has some good advice on this. ​ “holidays are usually viewed as an excuse – an excuse to eat high fat,
personal trainer - Sydney  - Can You Get Big And Strong Without Eating Meat?
By admin
21 Nov 2015
Traditional thinking would say no. You know the dogma.  Veggo’s are small, pale and weak.  They cry when they’re hit and they never need a locksmith as they can just slide under the front door when locked outside. Or do they? There’s a lot of bullshit in this industry.  People
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To lose 8kg in 4 Weeks – A Clients Story
By admin
01 Nov 2015
You want to lose 6-8kg in 4 weeks.  You want to get on those scales and see those numbers steadily dropping. You’ll do everything your trainer asks you to do. Or will you? Maybe you’ll look at what he asks you to do, and maybe you’ll pick and choose the
personal trainer - Sydney  - Does Meat Really Rank Along Side Smoking For Cancer?
By admin
28 Oct 2015
You’ve probably seen this one by now all over social media.   You’ve probably seen some reports saying eating meat is as bad as smoking in regards to cancer.  This is just click bait journalism and its border line fraudulent.  So I summarised a bunch of sensible reports out there who
personal trainer - Sydney  - What Is The Mechanism By Which That Works
By admin
22 Sep 2015
What is the mechanism by which that works. The above is the greatest question you can ever learn. Hello fitness industry.  Aren’t we a magnificent evolving beast full of knowledge and wisdom.  The answers to all of life’s ills can often be dumbed down to  that of a sound bite
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Most Important Aspect Of Training
By admin
19 Jul 2015
The most important aspect of training for long term success might not be what you think.  We all crave it.I’ve spent thousands of dollars, immeasurable hours on education and research, and had countless conversations and arguments about the most optimal way to lose weight, get fit, get healthy , get
personal trainer - Sydney  - Do Your Cardio After Weights
By admin
10 Jun 2015
[caption id="attachment_881" align="alignnone" width="438"] What a rig - David Bickley Photography[/caption] Cardio - Before Or After Weights Bodybuilders have been doing cardio after weight training for donkeys.  Personal trainers have been suggesting cardio after weights for eons as well.  We usually say this as you want to be as strong
personal trainer - Sydney  - Chronic Fatigue – Are You Getting It?
By admin
13 Feb 2015
Chronic Fatigue You've probably heard of chronic fatigue yeah?  It used to be known as the yuppie disease when i was a young trainer (back in my day!) and people just dismissed it.  Well, its just been formally recognised as a disease by a panel of medical experts in the
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Secret You Don’t Want To Acknowledge
By admin
22 Jan 2015
When it comes to fat loss, this picture is far truer than you can possibly imagine When it comes to losing weight or even harder, losing bodyfat, the food you eat makes ALL the difference.  Living in the world we do today where simply going to the supermarket is like
personal trainer - Sydney  - Goal Setting 2015
By admin
12 Jan 2015
Usually at the start of every year I post a blog about goal setting and getting the year set up to blast through plateus and storm into the possibility of having everything you’ve ever wanted. But before you do it : this year I want to add a caveat as sometimes,
personal trainer - Sydney  - No.1 Fat Loss Tip
By admin
24 Nov 2014
NO.1 Tip For Fat Loss Track your diet and training to ensure you’re achieving a calorie deficit. We’ve all heard a friend or family member complain “I can’t lose fat even though I’m doing everything right!” Unfortunately, humans are not very good at assessing how much they eat or how
personal trainer - Sydney  - Aerobic Training Progressions
By admin
23 Oct 2014
Aerobic training is still the best modality for fat loss.  Don't believe the hype.  Yes you need to do weights to maintain and possibly build some muscle mass to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate whilst being in a caloric deficit, but aerobics still works better at burning fat than any
personal trainer - Sydney  - Stand Up Australia
By admin
29 Sep 2014
Did you watch 60 minutes last night? We do it all day long and you're probably doing it right now. Sitting. It's become as normal as breathing. We now sit down every day for longer than we sleep. This report is long overdue. If you didn’t watch it here is
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Hierarchy Of Fat Loss
By admin
05 Sep 2014
Before you remove gluten, do twice a day training or start a supplement program tick the following boxes first. You might not need to do as much as you think to get what you want!  How releiving would that be. You want to get your result as easily as possible
personal trainer - Sydney  - Henry Rollins – The Iron
By admin
28 Aug 2014
THE IRON by Henry Rollins "I believe that the definition of definition, is reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. Completely. When I was young I had no sense of myself. All I was, was a product of all the fear
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Train and Eat When You’re Sick
By admin
13 Aug 2014
There's a solid flu going around at the moment so I thought i'd throw some pointers together about what you can do with your training and food so you don’t go too far backwards. How do I know if I’m too sick? I ask people how they feel at the
personal trainer - Sydney  - Fat Loss Tip
By admin
12 Aug 2014
Justin is on the left This is something i grabbed from Justin Mcguire Want to rip up try this 6x50m sprints followed by 20 sec rest 
Then 20min sec w weight vest at 6km 1.0 gradient Do this 3 times daily for 5 consecutive days
personal trainer - Sydney  - Glute Strength Test
By admin
30 Jul 2014
No post on glutes is complete without a photo of a sprinters backside People often look shocked and question my motives when i tell them that i spend more of my time trying to turn my clients glutes on than anything else... Without going into a long winded essay about
personal trainer - Sydney  - Why You’re Not Making Any Gains
By admin
17 Apr 2014
Fat Loss Stalled?  Hypertrophy stalled?  Strength stalled?   There are many reasons why this could be :  inadequate diet for your goals, lack of sleep (less than 7-9 hours) poor desire or mental fortitude, inability to handle your stressors, inadequate supplementation, nutrient deficiencies, doing too much cardio, doing the wrong
personal trainer - Sydney  - How Stress Contributes to Type 2 Diabetes
By admin
09 Apr 2014
Stress!  We all have it in our life.  It comes from all angles and we all have different ways of coping with it externally.  But internally your chemical reaction to stress is the same whether it is emotional, physical, spiritual or environmental.   So lets first of all define what a
personal trainer - Sydney  - Motivation Tip
By admin
08 Apr 2014
It's not easy to stay motivated.  Especially if it's part of your job is to be a professional motivator!  So i thought i'd share with you one of my little motivation tricks i use ALOT especially when the going gets tough You know that little voice in your head?  Yeah
personal trainer - Sydney  - High Resting Heart Rate
By admin
03 Apr 2014
Are you stressed?  Most of us are to some degree. I always ask people in our initial consultation to give me on a scale of 1 to 10 how stressed they are on average every day.  1 being kick back city and 10 being about to bite down hard on
personal trainer - Sydney  - Arm Training
By admin
07 Mar 2014
​The Guns, your pythons, the pipes, or just plain old lady pleasers, whatever you want to call them, adding mass to the arms is usually at the top of most male trainees agendas.  (And some of the ladies!) There’s nothing like pulling on a tee and stretching out the shirt
personal trainer - Sydney  - Laziness : What it really means
By admin
26 Feb 2014
Are you lazy?  Do you know someone who is lazy?  In the fitness industry, its very easy to quickly call all people who dont exercise enough lazy.  But thats a little short sighted.  When you've done this for long enough you start to understand the complexities of being human far
personal trainer - Sydney  - Goal Setting For 2014
By admin
13 Feb 2014
Usually at the start of every year I post a blog about goal setting and getting the year set up to blast through plateaus and storm into the possibility of having everything you’ve ever wanted. But before you do it : this year I want to add a caveat as
personal trainer - Sydney  - Fat Loss Tips
By admin
24 Oct 2013
People love a good list.  So here's a list of fat loss tips for you.  Success leaves clues!  ·      Make sure there is 2-3 hours digestion time between your last meal and when you go to bed so as not to disturb your sleep pattern with reactive hypoglycemia. ·      The
personal trainer - Sydney  - Master The Basics
By admin
10 Oct 2013
I’m a personal trainer.  Its my job to understand you and to motivate you the best way I can.  And as understanding, compassionate and empathetic as  i am, some times every now and then people need a good hard kick in the tail.  BANG!!  My size 10’s right in the
personal trainer - Sydney  - Consequences
By admin
12 Sep 2013
Consequences I've been motivating people to get the goals they want for over 11 years now.  And its a fickle thing motivation.  It comes and goes.  Getting results though is about consistency.  Consistency with your food, consistency with your training and consistency with your cardio - for long periods of
personal trainer - Sydney  - Barbell Complexes
By admin
15 Aug 2013
Complexes are awesome.  They are a great tool to have in your fat loss arsenal.  If you are looking for a new spin on aerobic training, interval training or a workout you can do that requires a high degree of skill, learn how to do complexes.  They are for the
personal trainer - Sydney  - Lateral Shift In Squat
By admin
08 Aug 2013
You squat because you know squat's are the best exercise to build quadricep, glute and core strength, develop speed and power for sport, and shape yourself one fine ass pair of butt cheeks!  No matter where you are on your weight training journey there will be a squat variation than
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Tabata Method
By admin
31 Jul 2013
There's certain programs in the gym that half way through them, make you think you can see Jesus.  By the end of a few of them, he's actually asking you if its ok if he works in.  The Tabata method, when done properly, is one such program.  Want to know
personal trainer - Sydney  - Collapsing Knees
By admin
18 Jul 2013
Time is short today so im going to keep this simple.   This drives me mad when it is left unchecked.  You see the above alot in the gym when people squat, deadlift, you see it on single leg exercises like lunges (see below) and step ups too.  You also
personal trainer - Sydney  - Blood Testing
By admin
10 Jul 2013
Your blood doesn’t lie! We’ve all done it.  We’ve all gone to the GP whilst sick and had some routine blood tests run only to be told ‘everything’s normal”.  Is it though?  If everything from our fingerprints to our DNA are unique, why not our blood chemistry?  Well the truth
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Healthy Bodybuilder – Book Review
By admin
08 Jul 2013
Are you a bodybuilder or powerlifter?  Then there’s a good chance that you know you are competing in a sport that can be extreme if you want it to be.  If you are serious about these sports and are looking for success then its best to get serious about your
personal trainer - Sydney  - Sprinting Versus Running
By admin
31 May 2013
The following is a study that looked at sprint training and endurance running that produced remarkable results thats worth discussing.  The sprint group performed 0.75 hours of actual sprinting over 6 weeks and lost 12.4% bodyfat. The endurance running group spent 13.5 hours of actual running over 6 weeks and
personal trainer - Sydney  - Bulgarian Split Squats
By admin
22 May 2013
There's a few exercises that will get you in the bad books with your clients almost instantly.  The long death stare, the rolling of the eyes, the swearing ........oh the swearing!  Well the Bulgarian Split Squat is one such exercise. The Rear Foot Elevated or Bulgarian Split Squat is so
personal trainer - Sydney  - Mechanical Advantage Drop Sets
By admin
25 Apr 2013
Today im going to show you a little overload technique called mechanical advantage drop sets.  I like to use these with women or as a strip set or drop set with guys at the end of a workout to  destroy the target muscles. Before we start though for those that
personal trainer - Sydney  - Successful Dieting
By admin
04 Apr 2013
I'm really pushed for time at the moment.  Between personal training at bondi junction to writing a book and balancing my life, time is something i would buy right now.   So this is a quick one for everyone.   I follow a lot of different coaches when it comes
personal trainer - Sydney  - Electrolytes – The Forgotten Supplement
By admin
25 Mar 2013
Everyones looking for a boost to their training.  That slight edge to get a better workout in so they can achieve results quicker.  Well one of the most forgotten supplements is electrolytes! Recently ive been adding electrolytes to my water whilst training and noticed a good improvement in endurance and
personal trainer - Sydney  - Coconut oil / Candida Yeast Die Off
By admin
19 Feb 2013
Coconut oil is awesome.  It good for the following : • Improving your heart health.(3) • Boosting your thyroid. (4) • Increasing your metabolism. • Promoting a lean body and weight loss if needed. • Supporting your immune system. (5) • Kills sugar cravings •Makes you feel fuller longer •Great for cooking
personal trainer - Sydney  - Battle Ropes
By admin
31 Jan 2013
Battle Rope TrainingThis is a rope.  This will kick your ass!Here's the next instalment on different forms of cardio to beat the boredom.  I use these in my Personal Training sessions here at Bondi Junction but have used them extensively in the past with clients  and athletes.  Its just a
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Eat Healthily at Work
By admin
16 Jan 2013
Easily the hardest thing about making a body composition change and staying healthy is healthy eating whilst holding down a 9-5.  Or 8-6, or 7-7 as most people do. 1. Make it the Night Before This is the biggie.  This is the most important thing you will ever read.  This
personal trainer - Sydney  - STAIR SPRINTS
By admin
10 Jan 2013
I recently posted a easy way to do cardio if your stressed or beat up from all your weight training HERE.  Well here's a more intense cardio option for you for when you are fresh and full of energy.   Stair Sprints Stair Sprints are fast becoming one of my
personal trainer - Sydney  - Incline Treadmill Walking
By admin
06 Dec 2012
I'm going to do several blogs on different types of cardio (WHAT!!!) for different situations but today am going to start at an easy option with a twist! For most people, cardio sucks.  Admit it.  There's plenty of other things i'd rather be doing with my limited time than cardio
personal trainer - Sydney  - The Best Ab Exercise?
By admin
07 Nov 2012
Garhammer Raise or Reverse Crunch As a Personal Trainer, especially in Bondi Junction i get asked what is the best ab exercise all the time.  My answer to that is pretty much the same as any fitness related questions : "It depends"  Depends on your goal, depends how long you've
personal trainer - Sydney  - Stretching
By admin
25 Oct 2012
To stretch or not to stretch?  Ooooh a hot topic amongst strength coaches.  And not one i'm really going to get into today as my opinion on topics such as this that strength coaches like to argue about is dissipating by the day.  But people love to stretch so here's
personal trainer - Sydney  - Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion
By admin
04 Oct 2012
Do you take prescription medications?  9 million Australians take prescription medications daily. Unfortunately certain medications you may be taking are widely known to deplete very specific nutrients in the body.   A common example is aspirin's effect on the body's vitamin C and iron stores or an oral contracep-tive's depletion
personal trainer - Sydney  - Muscular Women – The Too Bulky Myth
By admin
28 Sep 2012
"I don't want to get too bulky though" This is one of the most common things I've heard women say when we talk about doing weights for the first time.  And it's a natural concern for ladies.  I'm yet to meet a women in my 17 years of personal training
personal trainer - Sydney  - Meat & Nut Breakfast Explained
By admin
08 Sep 2012
The Goal of the Meat and Nuts breakfast If you train under Strong & Lean you’ll be familiar with the meat and nut breakfast.  So today I thought I’d explain the goal of the meat and nut breakfast a little bit.  The main goal of the meat nut breakfast is
personal trainer - Sydney  - Why Exercising Feels Great
By admin
05 Sep 2012
You should be aware by now that exercise when done properly makes you feel awesome afterwards yes?  You should! What triggers happiness in our brain when we exercise?“ Endorphins right? Lets go a little deeper so we can sound a little smarter when people bring it up! Here is what
personal trainer - Sydney  - Vitamin Basics
By admin
23 Aug 2012
The most common over looked benefit of taking supplements is they can make you feel awesome! You probably know or have heard I import the Poliquin range of supplements in order to maximise weight loss and strength gain.  I have to continue to further my education every year in the
personal trainer - Sydney  - How to Breathe Properly
By admin
25 Jul 2012
Can you breathe properly?  Of course you can!  Maybe... Sounds very simple but often I see clients who for various reasons have reversed breathing patterns.  Here's a simple test. Place one hand on your belly and the opposite hand on your chest.  Take in a full deep breath through your
personal trainer - Sydney  - 14 Best Vegetables
By admin
07 Jul 2012
Have a look at the above vegetables and notice what they are high in. When I sit down for the first time with a client and examine their diet the same things always happen. Me : "tell me what you ate yesterday" Client : They say "ooh yesterday wasn't a
personal trainer - Sydney  - Walk Like A Caveman
By admin
26 Jun 2012
I like to look at our evolutionary past for clues on how to eat and move in terms of what works best for the current day human.  When it comes to human nature, I often think: "Why would a caveman do that?"  Exercise, food, monogamy, showing off, getting sleepy after
personal trainer - Sydney  - How To Do A Chin up
By admin
20 Jun 2012
How To Do A Chin Up Often a goal of my female clients is to be able to 1 chin up.  Seeing a woman bang out unassisted chin ups in the gym is one of the most impressive sights there is.  Not to mention the empowering effect it has on
personal trainer - Sydney  - Toxic People – The Saboteur
By admin
13 Jun 2012
Toxic People In order to achieve anything in life, especially fitness goals, you need to have a good support network.  It's only when you go through change do you realise who is truly there to support you. As a trainer, it's very interesting to watch people embark on strength and
personal trainer - Sydney  - Food Intolerance v Food Allergy
By admin
30 May 2012
The difference between a food allergy and food intolerance / sensitivity Food intolerance / sensitivity’s and food allergies are often at the heart of slow results in the fitness game.  Many people ask me why I don’t suggest eating gluten, milk and non organic food.  Food intolerance / sensitivity is
personal trainer - Sydney  - Food Pyramid
By admin
23 May 2012
When people ask me about the food pyramid i generally say " well if you want to end up looking like a pyramid, then eat like the pyramid!"  But that's not very helpful is it so here is an alternative food pyramid i found to sum things up in pictures.
personal trainer - Sydney  - Strong & Lean Assessment
By admin
21 May 2012
Strong & Lean Health and Fitness Assessment   If you're not assessing - you're just guessing! Everyone who comes to see me whether they become a Strong & Lean client or not starts with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment.  And it's totally free.  The reason being in order to
personal trainer - Sydney  - Front Foot Elevated Split Squats
By admin
17 May 2012
If you’ve trained with me you’d know I love me some split squats!!  And for some very good reasons too.  Talk about training the boo-tay! This exercise has so many benefits its like fish oil.  You should be devouring them. - First, due to the elevated foot position, it allows
personal trainer - Sydney  - Choosing A Protein Powder
By admin
26 Apr 2012
Choosing Protein Powders : EDITED April 2016 I often get asked:  “What is the best protein powder for me?”  Like all good questions in this industry the answer is: "It depends".... The Simple Answer To be honest, 90% of the time if you're not lactose intolerant I just suggest: “A
personal trainer - Sydney  - How Do Antioxidants Work?
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03 Apr 2012
I’m amazed sometimes at how many adults tell me they don’t like vegetables!  Come on what are you 6?  But whyyyy they say?  "Cause you need anti oxidants to detox the body" I say.  "70% of what you eat is for detox purposes" I say.  But what are anti oxidants
personal trainer - Sydney  - Will Red Meat Kill Me
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28 Mar 2012
By now you've probably been sent THAT email or read THAT article that claims: "red meat will kill you prematurely"  based on a study released by Harvard University on March 12.  It has since been expertly debunked and provides a great lesson in why listening to the mass media hype
personal trainer - Sydney  - Time to mix it up!
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22 Mar 2012
An exercise is only as good as the time it takes for you to adapt to it.  What does that mean?   If your not getting stronger or more technically correct at a given exercise, you have adapted or have insufficiently recovered.  So if you've been squatting the same weight
personal trainer - Sydney  - Be Ruthless
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15 Mar 2012
How Ruthless are you? If you want to learn how to be successful, it’s best to study people who already are.  One thing that becomes obvious is how clear they are about their ideals and how ruthlessly they protect them. Successful people are very clear about what they want and
personal trainer - Sydney  - Cranky Shoulders
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01 Mar 2012
Sitting at a computer all day can make you cranky for more than one reason.  It can lead to a more kyphotic posture and a lot of shoulder injuries / dysfunction get exacerbated by this so here are a few easy tips for releasing your thoracic The thoracic spine has
personal trainer - Sydney  - Success Happens by Design
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22 Feb 2012
"Begin with the end in mind", advises Stephen Covey in his book, 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'.  Covey’s principle rests on the idea that all things are created twice: There's a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation.  This means everything is first created in
personal trainer - Sydney  - My Racehorse
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15 Feb 2012
If I owned a thoroughbred racehorse that cost $2.3M.  And I asked you to look after it for me while I was away on holidays.  What would you do?   Would you give it the best food, exercise it, rest it and train it just as I had advised you to? 
personal trainer - Sydney  - Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying
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09 Feb 2012
Today's blog is sort of fitness related.  Related  in a sense that from years and years of seeing people one on one I hear a lot of excuses as to why people aren't as healthy as they would like to be.  And excuses cause regret.  Let me tell you something
personal trainer - Sydney  - Migraines
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30 Jan 2012
Migraines are not fully understood by the medical community but there are 2 distinct causes that can be addressed. 1) Mechanical - Meaning a postural distortion or tightness in certain muscles of the shoulders and neck that pull on fascia, hitting trigger points and sending referred pain to the head.  Below
personal trainer - Sydney  - Coffee and Training
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18 Jan 2012
There's an ad on in the gym at the moment for a particular coffee chain that amuses me every time it comes on.  In it the voice over guy says there's no better way to recover from a workout than having a coffee at their particular establishment.  It amuses me
personal trainer - Sydney  - Saturated Fat is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease
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12 Jan 2012
Everyones concerned about heart disease.  And so you should be! But the myth of saturated fat causing heart disease kills me. So I thought i'd summarise some of Dr Mercola's thoughts on saturated fat and hopefully get you thinking differently Saturated Fat is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease  The
personal trainer - Sydney  - Goal Setting
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04 Jan 2012
Here we are at the start of another new year!  All the partying is over and its time to look to the year ahead and set some goals This is a powerful exercise in setting goals i send out every year so if you've seen it before how did you
personal trainer - Sydney  - Vitamin D Replenishment
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09 Nov 2011
Vitamin D Replenishment There are only two ways to receive vitamin D in the amounts necessary for proper health: Ultraviolet B (UVB) exposure and vitamin D supplementation. Diet should not be considered a satisfactory source of vitamin D. The few foods which do contain vitamin D, contain too little to
personal trainer - Sydney  - Vitamin D
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25 Oct 2011
Vitamin D is fast becoming the nutrient of choice with researchers and it is fast becoming clear just how important this steroid hormone is.  Did I say steroid??  Don't be afraid.  You won't be blowing out anytime soon.  Vitamin D has long been known for its important role in regulating