Best Equipment For Home Workouts

Best Equipment For Home Workouts

As gyms all over the world closed, people have scrambled for equipment to help make their home workouts better.  Resistance training requires just that, resistance.  So here are my best tips for buying added equipment

Exercise Bands

resistance bands

One of these bands alone can transform your whole workout.  One of the hardest exercises to do at home effectively is back movements. Having one band will allow you to attach it to a pole and do an incredible amount of back exercises.  They also enable me to be able to add resistance to all your other exercises like squats, lunges, romanian deadlifts, push ups, rowing, pressing, triceps and bicep exercises.

Message me if you want some as I have a special on bands for you.

Booty Bands

In the absence of load a booty band will transform your leg and butt workouts.  You can also use them in a few upper body movements as well so these can really transform a lot of home exercise routines.

Adjustable Dumbbells

These are highly sort after right now so be careful as there are a tonne of scams online at the moment.  Simply having a pair of dumbbells that can be adjusted to be 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg will put you in the box seat to stay fit and healthy.  Anything above is a massive bonus!

I can make workouts so challenging with just 2 dumbbells so see if you can find some dumbbells like those above.

Trx Suspension Trainer

A TRX suspension trainer will be another incredible piece of equipment you can get.  The beauty of this one is you can put it in your bag, it takes up no room, isn't heavy and is incredibly versatile.  Awesome for outdoor and home workouts.


One kettlebell can turn your boring workouts into the hard session you've been craving. Start with a light one and it's good to have one light one and one heavy one for variety.

Barbells and Plates

For the more serious trainee.  You'll need some good space to use and store these.  Again hard to come by right now so do your best!

Anything Is Better Than Nothing

Anything is better than nothing right now so get online and see what you can get your hands on.  

Online Personal Training

For all your needs in putting your equipment to its best use click on my online training option HERE

Let me know if you need anything else