Battle Ropes

Battle Rope Training

This is a rope.  This will kick your ass!

Here’s the next instalment on different forms of cardio to beat the boredom.  I use these in my Personal Training sessions here at Bondi Junction but have used them extensively in the past with clients  and athletes.  Its just a rope I hear you say.  How hard could it be you say??  These can get brutal!

Here’s a couple of options to get you started but after watching the video you should get the picture.

The 2 Hand Slam

Not much technique needed on this one but it will build strength and endurance in your core and legs when done properly.  Start with a slightly wider than shoulder width stance holding one end of the rope in each hand.  Obviously the rope is anchored around something stable like a pole or hook.  Using a hip drive similar to a explosive deadlift or clean, violently whip the rope up above head height and focus on slamming the rope into the ground.  Repeat for duration of the set.  Doesn’t sound like much hey?  But it will mess you up trust me.

Reps – 30-40 seconds

Rest – 30 – 240 seconds depending on fitness level

Sets : 4 – 12

No more than 24 minutes total time.  This is lactic acid training when done properly as is truly anaerobic and will get your heart rate sky rocketing so treat it like sprint training. 

Alternating Slams

Alternating Slams with the rope is a great arm and shoulder strength builder. These  are similar to the 2 Hand Slam except instead of pulling with both arms, you pull up with each hand at a time. Make sure the movement is fast-paced with no lag time between movements.  The goal with rope slams is just that.  To slam the rope into the ground as hard as you can.  that’s where the effort is required.

Reps – 30-40 seconds

Rest – 30 – 240 seconds depending on fitness level

Sets : 4 – 12

Battle Rope Variations

To save time here’s a guy demonstrating a slew of exercises you can do with a rope.

You can alternate between different rope methods to add variety.

You can do one set at the end of a strength circuit to finish off.

You can do solely rope work as your interval training.

You can include it in a metabolic circuit with ball throws, kettlebell swings and modified strnegth exercises.

Theres many applications but thats a good start!

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See you in the gym.

Brad Stocks

Personal Training Bondi Junction