personal trainer - Sydney  - Muscular Women – The Too Bulky Myth
By admin
28 Sep 2012
"I don't want to get too bulky though" This is one of the most common things I've heard women say when we talk about doing weights for the first time.  And it's a natural concern for ladies.  I'm yet to meet a women in my 17 years of personal training
personal trainer - Sydney  - Meat & Nut Breakfast Explained
By admin
08 Sep 2012
The Goal of the Meat and Nuts breakfast If you train under Strong & Lean you’ll be familiar with the meat and nut breakfast.  So today I thought I’d explain the goal of the meat and nut breakfast a little bit.  The main goal of the meat nut breakfast is
personal trainer - Sydney  - Why Exercising Feels Great
By admin
05 Sep 2012
You should be aware by now that exercise when done properly makes you feel awesome afterwards yes?  You should! What triggers happiness in our brain when we exercise?“ Endorphins right? Lets go a little deeper so we can sound a little smarter when people bring it up! Here is what