personal trainer - Sydney  - Food Intolerance v Food Allergy
By admin
30 May 2012
The difference between a food allergy and food intolerance / sensitivity Food intolerance / sensitivity’s and food allergies are often at the heart of slow results in the fitness game.  Many people ask me why I don’t suggest eating gluten, milk and non organic food.  Food intolerance / sensitivity is
personal trainer - Sydney  - Food Pyramid
By admin
23 May 2012
When people ask me about the food pyramid i generally say " well if you want to end up looking like a pyramid, then eat like the pyramid!"  But that's not very helpful is it so here is an alternative food pyramid i found to sum things up in pictures.
personal trainer - Sydney  - Strong & Lean Assessment
By admin
21 May 2012
If your not assessing - your just guessing! Every one whether they become a Strong & Lean client or not starts with a comprehensive assessment.  And its totally free!  In this 1 hour assessment you will learn and receive : Goal Setting - Success happens by design! And goal setting
personal trainer - Sydney  - Front Foot Elevated Split Squats
By admin
17 May 2012
If you’ve trained with me you’d know I love me some split squats!!  And for some very good reasons too.  Talk about training the boo-tay! This exercise has so many benefits its like fish oil.  You should be devouring them. - First, due to the elevated foot position, it allows
personal trainer - Sydney  - Glute Ham Raises
By admin
02 May 2012
Very few movements train the hamstrings at both joint angles (hip and knee). This is critical because this is how your body works when it runs, jumps, squats and pulls. Approximately 40 percent of the power for sprinting and jumping comes from the glutes, 25 percent from the hamstrings, and