personal trainer - Sydney  - Will Red Meat Kill Me
By admin
28 Mar 2012
By now you've probably been sent THAT email or read THAT article that claims: "red meat will kill you prematurely"  based on a study released by Harvard University on March 12.  It has since been expertly debunked and provides a great lesson in why listening to the mass media hype
personal trainer - Sydney  - Time to mix it up!
By admin
22 Mar 2012
An exercise is only as good as the time it takes for you to adapt to it.  What does that mean?   If your not getting stronger or more technically correct at a given exercise, you have adapted or have insufficiently recovered.  So if you've been squatting the same weight
personal trainer - Sydney  - Be Ruthless
By admin
15 Mar 2012
How Ruthless are you? If you want to learn how to be successful, it’s best to study people who already are.  One thing that becomes obvious is how clear they are about their ideals and how ruthlessly they protect them. Successful people are very clear about what they want and
personal trainer - Sydney  - Cranky Shoulders
By admin
01 Mar 2012
Sitting at a computer all day can make you cranky for more than one reason.  It can lead to a more kyphotic posture and a lot of shoulder injuries / dysfunction get exacerbated by this so here are a few easy tips for releasing your thoracic The thoracic spine has