personal trainer - Sydney  - Migraines
By admin
30 Jan 2012
Migraines are not fully understood by the medical community but there are 2 distinct causes that can be addressed. 1) Mechanical - Meaning a postural distortion or tightness in certain muscles of the shoulders and neck that pull on fascia, hitting trigger points and sending referred pain to the head.  Below
personal trainer - Sydney  - Coffee and Training
By admin
18 Jan 2012
There's an ad on in the gym at the moment for a particular coffee chain that amuses me every time it comes on.  In it the voice over guy says there's no better way to recover from a workout than having a coffee at their particular establishment.  It amuses me
personal trainer - Sydney  - Saturated Fat is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease
By admin
12 Jan 2012
Everyones concerned about heart disease.  And so you should be! But the myth of saturated fat causing heart disease kills me. So I thought i'd summarise some of Dr Mercola's thoughts on saturated fat and hopefully get you thinking differently Saturated Fat is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease  The
personal trainer - Sydney  - Goal Setting
By admin
04 Jan 2012
Here we are at the start of another new year!  All the partying is over and its time to look to the year ahead and set some goals This is a powerful exercise in setting goals i send out every year so if you've seen it before how did you